Reiki & Healing Energies Attunements, Tarot, Pendullum Readings

Gabriela Yasmin Szafman


 Hi, I´m Gabriela Ýasmin Szafman, also know by Nayika Shakti Mahadhana -

My spiritual name, given by Dharmasatya Sarvayudhavisarada my Vajra Master of Sa thya tummo.

Who am I?...

I am an eternal learner of life!

I am a citizen of the world and walker in the universe.

I am being with human qualities and defects, learning  every day new lessons on how to help Mankind and Gaia.

I am Reiki GrandMaster. Teacher and Reiki Therapist

I am a Being of Light

This is My Life, My Mission

I am eternally grateful to the Divine Spirituality to have shown and open my Spiritual Path and Mission …

I am Founder of the Following Reiki Systems:

Enchanted Crystal Series

Divine Human Angel Reiki

Stonehenge Energies, and much more...

I wish you Showered Blessings of Love