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The Saint Germain Cross of Malta Initiation

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Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman


The Comte de Saint Germain was a devoted alchemist, believed in the universal medicine and conducted studies on animal magnetism.



His pacifists attempts facilitated his contact with monarchs in Europe.



At the French court, the Count Saint Germain appeared to prevent Marie Antoinette wife of King Louis XVI of sudden onset of the French Revolution.




The true mission of Saint Germain was to assist in the progress of science, humanity forward to dogmatic religion and encourage the general development.




Saint Germain is Being responsible for the Earth in the New Age.


The main focus of irradiation of the Master Saint Germain to the Earth is Mount Shasta.



Located in California, is an extinct volcano at 14,000 feet altitude, in the midst of an ancient Indian reserve, forest reserve today, with many wild animals and huge trees.


Part of the mountain is covered by permanent ice and scholars say that these glaciers are portals to other dimensions, which attracts spiritual leaders from around the world.


The Cross of Malta is the main symbol of Saint Germain.



It symbolizes the union of cosmic and telluric energies, the harmony of Earth and Heaven, the man with open arms surrendering to the universe's life with faith and determination.



It has the power to expand and express new rays around because it carries the stigma of the Violet Flame has the power to transmute, speed and manifest.


The Energies of Cross of Malta Will Help You:


· Preparations of Elixirs


· Healing with herbs and plants


· Amplify Your energy for healing and Magic


· Transmutation


· Speeds healing


· Manifests your desires and goals


· Deepens your conscious


· Release of Negative Energy


· Releases Karma


· Releases and removes any Black Magic


· Balances your Chakra Energy Points


· Brings happiness

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