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Manasa Devi- Goddess of Health, Wealth & Fulfilling Wishes Empowerment

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Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman


Manasa is the goddess of naga and fertility.

She fulfills the wishes & protects one against snakebite.

Associated with the earth and higher knowledge, she is worshiped mostly in eastern India.

Goddess Manasa was the daughter of sage Kasyapa and Kadru, the sister of the serpent-king Sesha.

She has the power as well to cure infectious diseases & shower one with wealth and prosperity.

T he benevolent Manasa Devi bestows immense boons on her devotees and helps them tide over their adversities and cures them of all their ills as well.

Goddess Manasa Devi Will Empower You With:

Healing infectious Decease

Help cure physical, mental, and spiritual disease.


Help Conceive



Good Fortune


Fulfill Wishes

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