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Egeria- Goddess of Healing, Spring, Sacred Knowledge & Inspiration Empowerment

EUR 12.00

Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman


Goddess Egeria Will Empower You With:

 Fertility

 Help with Conception

 Love

 Protection

 Healing

 Nurture

 Divination

 Empower your Destiny

 Inspiration

 Sacred Knowledge


Ægeria, or Egeria, is an ancient Latin Goddess of Healing, Springs, Sacred Knowledge and Inspiration Who has close ties with Diana.

She may in fact originally have been an aspect of Diana as a Healing and Birth Goddess.

She was worshipped in at least three places, in Rome itself and in the neighborhood south-east of the city, each site possessing a spring known for its healing qualities.

She is also a Goddess of Inspiration and Sacred Wisdom, for She was said to have inspired Her lover, the Roman King Numa, to reform or institute many important religious practices.


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