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Tiger Reiki

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The initial energy of Tiger Reiki was used by intent. There were no symbols or manual.


Reiki Master Stephanie Brail has recently been guided to channel new energies for tiger reiki and to create a information manual for this system.

Tiger Reiki helps to balance the energies system of whoever works with these energies. It is also a excellent tool to use in meditation and adds a sense of aggressiveness in working to heal via this energy.


Tiger Reiki is a beautiful system to increase courage and strength within you and to use this strengthening energy in your everyday life. You will also find out about the different coloured tigers and how they can help you in your life and also in your healing sessions



You will receive the original Tiger Reiki manual via email, 1 distant attunements that can be received at an appointed time or via the chi ball (call in) method. You will also receive a printed certificate that will be sent to you by regular post after you have received your final attunement

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