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Angitia The Healing Goddess Empowerment

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Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Angitia (the Latin name of the Oscan Anagtia), is an Oscan healing and snake Goddess who was especially revered by the Marsi, a warlike tribe of people who lived to the east of Rome in the Apennine Mountains (sometimes called after them the Marsian Hills) and who spoke a Sabellan dialect.

She was famed for Her ability to heal those who had been poisoned, especially those bitten by snakes, and She was said to have the power to kill serpents through spoken charms.

The Marsi themselves shared in Her reputation as healers, magicians, and snake-charmers, and in fact to this day the Serpari, or snake-catchers of the area are held in high regard.

Goddess Angitia Will Help You With:

• Healing

• Magic

• Prophecies




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