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Baalat- Goddess of Love, Fertility & Protection Empowerment

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  Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Baalat, or Ba'alat, is not properly a name but a title, meaning "Mistress", "Lady", or "Queen".

She is the main Deity of the city of Gubla or Byblos, the modern Jebeil in Lebanon, a few miles north of Beirut.

She is associated with Ba'al-Shaman, "Lord of the Heavens" as His consort and cult-partner.

She is most likely a form of Ashtart, the Phoenician Goddess of Love, Fertility and the planet Venus, whose cult is known to have been centered in Gubla.

As the main Goddess of Gubla, Ba'alat watched over and protected the city and its royal family.

The Greeks knew Her by epithets of Aphrodite: Kypris, meaning "of the island of Cyprus", and Kythereia, "of the island of Kythera", both places heavily associated with Aphrodite; as well as Aphrodite Aphacitis, "Aphrodite of Aphaca".

Goddess Baalat Will Empower You With:

• Love

• Fertility

• Protection





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