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Mean- Goddess of Fate & Fame Empowerment

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Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Mean is an Etruscan Goddess of Fate and Fame.

She is an associate of the Lasas, though not necessarily one of them, though like Them, She is depicted with wings.


Her name in Etruscan means "Magnificence", "Greatness", or "Glory", and She has also been identified with the Roman Victoria, victory personified.

Much like Alpan, Mean seems to have survived in Tuscan folklore as a benevolent fairy or spirit called Meana, considered a love-sprite who grants favors to lovers and brides.



Goddess Mean Will Help You With:

• Beauty

• Granting Love Favors to Brides & Lovers

• Fame

• Success

• Achieve your Goals

• Achieve Victory

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