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Nikkal-Goddess of Orchards, Fruits & fertility Empowerment

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Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Nikkal is the Canaanite Goddess of Fruits and Fertility, who is a Goddess of Orchards.

Her husband is the Moon-God Yarikh, who causes the dew to fall each night and water Her trees so that they may thrive.

Her name comes from the west Semitic 'Ilat 'Inbi, or "Goddess of Fruit", and She is also called Nikkal-wa-Ib, meaning "Great Lady and Fruitful".

She is the daughter of the Summer-God Khirkhibi, who did not at first want Her to marry Yarikh, and instead suggested He marry either Pidraya or Yabarodmay, both daughters of Ba'al.


After a generous bride-price was offered, made up of a thousand pieces of silver, ten thousand pieces of gold, and including necklaces made of lapis lazuli (appropriate coming from a God of the night sky) Khirkhibi relented and the two were wed.


Goddess Nikkal Will Help You With:

• Fertility

• Abundance

• Joy

• Harvest

• Protection Agriculture

• Gardening

• Bringing Love

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