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2010 ENCHANTED CRYSTAL SERIES: Andalusite Essence Energy Attunement

EUR 10.00

Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Beautiful birefringence gemstone which can range in color from a pale yellowish brown, to a dark bottle green, to a dark brown or the most popular the greenish red color.

It often changes color from green to yellow to red depending upon the cut and angle of light reflection.

Quite similar in appearance, in fact, to alexandrite in color.

An affordable, uniquely beautiful gemstone that anyone would be proud to own.

Andalusite is best known for its strong pleochroism and it's unusual color.

It isn't immediately considered to be a "color change stone" but it frequently shows two or more colors at the same time.

Even the rough crystals will often show green in one direction and red in another.

The color is quite difficult to match on any standard color chart.

Andalusite is mined in Brazil and Sri Lanka.

In times past andalusite was sometimes called the "poor man's alexandrite" as it offers similar color play at a much lower price.

But andalusite really doesn't look much like alexandrite, which changes from green to red in different light.

It is not really a color change stone at all because the colors are always there all at the same time.

That should not diminish its appeal though, especially for those who like earth tones.


Andalusite will Work:

• Andalusite is sometimes called "The Seeing Stone" because it is used in metaphysical works to calmly see the various parts of one's character without bias.

• Used to encourage one to look at issues rationally by helping one to see the various sides to a problem or situation without judgment or fear.

• It also helps one to realize the self-sacrifice is okay, but never required, and it is quite useful for scrying.

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