Reiki & Healing Energies Attunements, Tarot, Pendullum Readings

                               Students Information


Dear Students at Star of the Universe, please do take time to read the information below

Thank You


Our working hours for preparing attunements and healings are the full 7 days of the week.



Once you have purchased an attunement from our shop or free attunement, We will be in touch with you within 48hrs with your emailed manual, instructions and your prepared attunement by the chi ball method. 


If your reiki system has more than one attunement, then one attunement per day will be prepared for you until you reach the Master/Teacher Level of that System. 


Please do contact us with any questions throughout the time we work with you and anytime after you have received your attunements.  


Our support for you is always available.



All the reiki manuals in my shop and free attunement list are prepared by the founder of each system, you are not to alter or change any manual.



All certificates will be emailed to you once you have completed your attunement(s). 


Please note, that If you would like a printed and posted certificate, you must let me know and make a small payment for printing and postage cost in my webstore under the title: Certificates.