Reiki & Healing Energies Attunements, Tarot, Pendullum Readings

                             What is an Attunement


The first step in learning the healing form called Reiki is in recognizing the energy that is within your own life at this moment in time.

This in itself is the first step in receiving an attunement. 

An attunement is a special and sacred event where a Reiki Master/Teacher will work to increase the frequency of the energy field of the individual being attuned.

How this is performed is taught in the Usui Method of Natural Healing called Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

A Reiki attunement opens a pathway within you which enables you to 'channel' the flow of Reiki energy through your hands.

This is likened to the tuning of a radio to a specific channel.

You will be attuned in with the energy on a high dimension. 

The Master/Teacher will raise your awareness and energetic vibrations and will ultimately connect you to the Universal Life Force called Reiki.

Your life will change forever and you will start to see the world around you for what it truly is. 

Receiving an attunement is easy.

You simply lie down or sit in lotus position with your Hands in your lap or in Gassho position (Praying Hands). 

You close your eyes and relax.

The Teacher will sometimes ask you to repeat a mantra before the attunement begins but this will always depend on who is attuning you and their own way of working.


There are many experiences that sometimes occur during an attunement and these range from flashes of colour within your minds eye, a sense of weightlessness (floating), or waves flowing over you (this is the sensing of the energy moving through your physical and astral body).

You will feel like you just received a massage.

Reiki attunements can also be performed over a distance using what is called 'A Distant Attunement'.

The Universal energy that we call REIKI is not limited by mankind's thinking of time and space but is endless.

Distant attunements work and are just as effective as an 'In Person Attunement'.



Is the Key to all attunements and energy work.

Without the Intention the symbols which are used in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho, and any other healing system which encourages the use of symbols, have no meaning.

It is your Intention behind the use of them which allows them to become active.

The use of the Long Distance symbol within The Reiki method of Natural Healing also aids in the passing of not only Healings but also the Attunement.

After receiving an attunement you will be able to use Reiki and energy healing straight away.