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                                         Welcome to Reikiangelos


My name is Gabriela.

I am a Fully qualified Grandmaster/ Teacher, and Founder of Divine Human Angel Reiki, Enchanted Crystal Series and Stonehenge Energy Attunement and much more. 

I also do Pendullum & Tarot Readings. 


At Reikiangelos, We are dedicated in helping you develop your healing abilities and move towards your spiritual development, full support is always available.  I offer free healing and provide reiki training to Master/Teacher Level.

All our Reiki Systems come with manual, emailed certificate, the required number of distant attunements up to Master/Teacher level and full support.

Attunements will be given within 24hours.


Please note with Reiki Systems that require more than one attunement, you will recieve one attunement each day until completed, to give time for the energies to settle or depending of the systems requirements dates.

Payment for a Reiki Systems can be made in our web store.



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