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Chantico- Goddess of Fire & Fertility Empowerment

EUR 12.00

Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Chantico is the Goddess of earthly fire, which lies on the stove of the house, before there was performed several ceremonies a day.

Chantico was the first woman not to fast before making an offering to the Gods and was punished by Tonacatecuhtli, "Lord of the Food" that turned her into a dog.

Another important aspect of this Goddess, is that she attaches, with the participation of other goddesses, to the invention of the jewelry. But she in particular was granted the invention of cosmetics.

She was especially venerated by the Association of Jewelers, as well as by the stone engravers, gem cutters and polishers.

The name that appeared on the "Aztec Calendar" was Chiconahui Itzcuintli.

It was on her day that witches turned into various animals and witches, called mometzcopinqui, exercised their greatest power.

Chantico will Empower you with:





Help Healer in Treatments giving more life energy

Protection of yourself and family

Enhances Divination

Enhances Intuition


Abundance of Precious Stones Jewelry

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