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Mnemosyne- Goddess of Memory & Inspiration. Mother of the Muses Empowerment

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Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Mnemosyne, Greek goddess of memory, she was considered one of the most powerful goddesses of her time.

After all, it is memory, some believe, that is a gift that distinguishes us from the other creatures in the animal world.

It is the gift that allows us to reason, to predict and anticipate outcomes, and is the very foundation for civilization.

She was given responsibility for the naming of all objects, and by doing so gave humans the means to dialog and to converse with each other.

The powers to place things in memory and that of remembrance were also attributed to this goddess.

The memory of Mnemosyne was much more than that -- it was the memory of the rules and energies of the universe, the cycle of life, the memory of how to live in the world.

Goddess Mnemosyne Energies Will Empower You With:

 Remembering your Past Lifes

 Enhance Your Memory

 Divination for Present & Future

 Be more Creative

 Divine Inspiration

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