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Losna The Moon Goddess Empowerment

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Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Losna is the Etruscan Goddess of the Moon, equivalent to the Roman Luna, and indeed the Etruscan and Latin words are quite alike.

One of the Etruscan words for moon is lusxnei, and similar words in Latin related to luna, "moon" are lucidus "shining, clear", luscus "lucid, twilight", and even lustratio "purification by sacrifice".

The Etruscan and Latin words are intertwined closely enough that it is not clear if "Losna" is a proper Etruscan word or an archaic Latin word.


Goddess Losna Will Help You With:

• Healing Animals

• Healing Humans

• Divination

• Magic

• Divination

• Protection

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