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Sullis the Celtic Goddess of Healing Empowerment

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Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman


Sulis in the Celtic mysteries was a great healer, people gathered at the waters of her shrines to commune with the Goddess, and take the waters to receive a cure for their ailment.


Goddess Sullis Will Help You With:

• Nourishment

• Healing for Reumathism, Gout

• Fertility

• Child Bearing

• Breast Feading

• Wisdom

• Find Lost Objects

• Catching thieves

• Justice


British Mother Goddess of spring water, especially the thermal spring waters, which were thought to be nourishing and life giving, and Goddess of The Spirit and Craft of Medicine, and was particularly associated with the Healing Waters of Bath, and can be found on our web-site on the City of Bath.

The name ‘Sulis' in the ancient Celtic religious beliefs and practises is thought to be a derivative of Sul or Sulla from the Old Irish Celtic Siul or eye, or ‘Sulis' in Gallo-Brittonic for ‘Orifice' or ‘Gap' through which the healing waters ran.

However the Proto-Celtic language as collated by The University of Wales suggests that the name is likely to be ultimately derived from the Proto-Celtic ‘Su-lijis meaning ‘Good Flooding One', and was suggested this may have been interpreted as 'Beneficial Water-Flow.


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