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                A Template for Deliberate Creation



That every experience and situation and person in our life is created or drawn to us primarily by the energies of our own emotions, thoughts, beliefs, words and actions, we can begin to manifest what we choose, consciously. Our life becomes a deliberate creation instead of an unconscious happenstance. 

When we accept this inherent, human power of deliberate creation and begin to use it, we must also accept the responsibility for what we create.

We can no longer feel victimized by outside forces; and we no longer have anyone to blame for our troubles. Taking full responsibility is a big step and a necessary one -- and the payoff is that we gain command of our own life.

There are probably as many ways of implementing deliberate creation, as there are people.

Once you understand how it works, you'll discover your own way.

The following procedure is one you can start with, in any case.

If possible, you may like to begin at the time of a New Moon, which is, itself, a strong, initializing energy.


STEP 1: Picture it / Feel it
What do you desire? Picture it, feel it. Imagine how it will affect all aspects of your life. Spend some time living in your imagination of it. Does it truly feel like the right thing for you? If so, take the next step. If not, let go the desire as initially conceived. Let your imagination reconfigure it, until either you find a form of it that does feel right or you decide it was an unwise desire altogether.

STEP 2: Be 100% positive
Once the image feels right to you, you will feel justified in asking for it to manifest. Once you begin the creation process, it's important to be free of restrictions and limitations. Any thought that you may not "deserve" what you're asking for, or that you can only have it if you give up something else, will be strongly counterproductive.

STEP 3: Put it into words
Manifestation proceeds naturally from Thought to Word to Deed. We start with a subtle feeling....which usually strengthens and defines itself in the form of words. The careful making of an "affirmation," summarizing our desire precisely and concisely, is a powerful step. Here are some suggestions:


  • Don't use the words, "I want..." Say instead, "I choose..." or "I do..." or "I have" or "I am..." (When we say we want something, we energetically perpetuate our lack of it!)
  • State your desire as truly and precisely as you can, in the fewest words. Choose words that are emotionally powerful and meaningful to you.


STEP 4: Let the Universe work out the details
Know that, as a human being, you have the ability and the right to create anything you can imagine. Be 100% positive in your asking, and careful not to restrict the form of the answer. The universe has a much greater imagination than you and I; it's best to let the universe work out the details of filling our requests. If we ask that our desires be fulfilled in the best way, for the greatest good, the answer may exceed our wildest imagination. If we can free our viewpoint from limitation, we may even see that what we desire is here already; that we can have it by making a few small changes in our immediate environment or merely in our way of thinking!

STEP 5: Connect to Source
Now it's time to connect to our Source. Each of us must follow our own intuition to find the best way. Whether you call it prayer, meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Chi Gung, Johrei, or nothing at all -- find a way of getting to that place of absolute stillness and peace that is your spiritual heart. That's the Source of all wisdom and power and creation, the Source of life itself.

STEP 6: Energize with Breath!
Once you're still and peaceful in your spiritual heart, a few minutes of conscious breathing can help to empower the connection. To the ancient Hawaiians, this was such a natural and indispensable step, they had a special name for people who didn't do it. They observed that foreigners did not "breathe" before praying -- and they called them Haole (Ha = "breath", ole = "lacking"), a term now used to mean anyone not an ethnic Hawaiian (awareness of the word's meaning, and of conscious breathing, seem generally to have been lost).

Here's a Hawaiian
Huna ("secret") breathing practice, for empowering the manifestation process:*


  1. As you inhale, feel that you're bringing Heaven energy down through the crown of your head, and Earth energy up through the feet.
  2. Feel the energies meet and mingle at the heart chakra.
  3. Pause for one second, then exhale, letting the breath create an energy field around you. (Try exhaling through the nose, and then through the mouth - as if whispering the sound "Ha" - and use whichever feels better to you.)
  4. After the fourth exhalation, pause for 5 seconds and sense the energy field you're creating.

This whole sequence is 1 cycle of breathing. Do 4 of these cycles altogether.

(I find it helpful to involve my hands in the moving of the energy. As I inhale, the hands are just in front of the body: I bring one of them, palm down, from above the head, the other palm up from below, to stop, facing each other, a few inches apart, at the heart chakra. Then, as I exhale, the hands return to their positions for the start of the next inbreath.)

STEP 7: Plant the seed

Now we're ready to plant the feeling-image and the affirmation of our new creation. Being a Reiki person, I like to add Reiki to the process. You can use your hands in the same way, even if you're not attuned to Reiki; your hands will be directing your own personal ki (life energy) instead of Rei-ki (universal life energy).

You can do this standing, sitting, or lying on your back. You'll be holding your hands in 4 different positions. At each one, you'll picture/feel yourself in the situation you desire, and repeat a few times (either mentally or aloud) your affirmation.


At the end of the affirmation, say:


"All this in perfect timing for the greatest good.
SO BE IT (or SO IT IS, or THIS IS SO)." 


As soon as you speak this, your creation comes into being. It has reality and life; it awaits only the proper moment in time, when the greatest good will truly be achieved by its manifestation. Do your best to feel this reality, that what you have desired and asked for has indeed been granted;


and then say
"Thank You!"

These are the 4 hand positions:


  1. One palm centered over each eye, with the fingers of each hand covering the brow chakra -- OR one palm centered on brow chakra, the other on back of head, where the spinal cord enters the skull. This plants your new creation in the realm of Thoughts.
  2. Both palms centered on throat chakra; one on the front, one on the back (if this is not comfortable, you can put both on the front). This plants your new creation in the realm of Words.
  3. One palm centered on heart chakra, the other on solar plexus chakra. This plants your new creation in the realm of Deeds.
  4. One palm centered on solar plexus chakra, the other above the head, a few inches above the crown chakra. (In the Huna system, the solar plexus is considered the home of the subconscious mind, and above the crown is the super conscious mind or High Self. With the hands in these positions, have the intention that you are sending the seed of your new creation from the subconscious mind to the super conscious.) This plants your new creation in the super conscious mind or High Self.

STEP 8: Water the seed every day

Spend some time every day repeating the sequence: connecting to your inner stillness, energizing with breath, doing the hand positions and the feeling-image/affirmation. This "waters" the seed you planted. Do it every day until your desire has fully manifested.


Along the way, give thanks as each element of your creation