Reiki & Healing Energies Attunements, Tarot, Pendullum Readings

                           Receiving an Attunement


There are 2 ways of receiving a Attunement:

They can be received at a specific time and day or using the Chi ball (Call in) method.

1. For an appointed time and day attunement we will set up a time and day that is convenient for both of us to be in a meditative state which is when we will send the attunement to you


2. To  Call in the attunement, we will set up your attunement into what is called a Chi Ball.

A Chi ball is a etheric orb of energy that holds all the information about you and the attunement that you are going to recevie.

We will then email you to let you know that the attunement is ready for you to call in.

When you receive an Attunement using either of the above methods all you need to do is be in a relaxed state. 

You can sit in lotus petal position with your legs crossed and your back straight, sitting in a comfortable chair or my favorite laying in bed. 

You can play some relaxing music (No Vocals), burn incense or candles (Please make sure that all candles and incense are kept in a safe place and away from flammable items.


When you are ready to receive the Attunement please say the following:

I accept this (Attunement being received) that is being sent to me by Gabriela Yasmin Szafman on this (Day), (Date), at (Time) and ask for the strongest energies that I can handle will flow through me. I ask that my guides, Archangels and all beings of light to be with me and to protect me during this sacred initiation.

So Be It!


After this has been repeated a couple of times you will start to feel/sense a pressure building around you which will be the start of the energy flow.

Relax and allow the energies to flow through you, this can last for anything from 30-60 minutes.

Always remember to ground yourself after your attunement and to drink plenty of water after wards to aid in any clearings that may take place.


I hope you enjoy your Attunement/Attunements and if you have any Questions please do not hesitate to contact us.